Friday, 26 October 2012

scary television for the Halloween weekend

One Eyed Jack's
I know it's not quite Halloween yet, although there seems to be pumpkins and cobwebs in abundance in some areas.

I've decided to watch something scary and am working my way through the old Twin Peaks TV-series.

It's one of those situations where someone else I know was watching it, then I noticed it was listed as one of the 'top boxed sets' in a weekend newspaper then serendipitously I found the DVDs lurking at the back of a cupboard.

I used to work occasionally around the Seattle area and managed to visit the mystical setting for the movie as part of a trip. We'd somehow got one of those stretched limos and a few hours to spare before a flight.

We headed off towards the wonderful Snoqualmie Falls, which was the main setting used for the Great Northern Hotel in the series. We also took a trail towards the bottom of the falls, right to the part of the path where it said something like "Danger - do not pass".

Anyway, as well as the humour of the reassuring cherry pie, donuts and 'cup o Joe' there's still parts of the series to make me jump right out of the chair.


Pat said...

I really must see Twin Peaks one of these days.

rashbre said...

Pat Yes its on Netflix and similar although I happened to have the DVDs.

It's quite like a very extended Lynch movie and theres a few themes that do pop up in other pieces by him.