rashbre central: September 2021

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Artificial Intelligence and Podcasts

I'm trying out some Artificial Intelligence software to see what kind of a job it can do with a couple of my novels. Not to write them, but to turn them into Audiobooks. My first step is processing them as Podcasts and getting them published on the usual platforms. Then I'll try to reconstruct the Podcasts into longer episode suitable for an audiobook. 

I'm trying to figure out how to insert some dynamic content for each episode too, so that I have one familiar ident for each Episode. More of that later!

I decided to go back to Book 3 of The Triangle. It's the Circle, and so far I've got the first eight parts. Once again, like with my earlier experiments with Podcasting, I'm trying not to go back over the same piece more than once, so I'm trying to teach the AI software to behave and correctly interpret the typing.

I suppose really I should try this with Edge or one of the other novels which incorporate cybernetics.