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Saturday 30 April 2005


This page contains my unclicks.

These were once part of the main sidebar, but as fashion or whim has dictated, I have retired them to this special alumni zone.

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i link, therefore i am

MediaDailyNews reports that a man has died of starvation because he was addicted to commenting on blogs and forums and couldn't be bothered to eat. From I Link, Therefore I am:
'He was glued to his computer 24/7,' (his wife) said tearfully. 'He was so afraid he was going to miss an opportunity to contribute a comment or start a discussion, that he just stopped eating.' She added that Wanamaker's last words were 'OK Picard, stick that in your pipe and smoke it...'
We are sure that this article is a joke, but we at rashbre would like to take this opportunity to remind you to grab a sandwich (or at least some Funyuns ®) now and again while you are blogging."

(Via Blogger Buzz.)

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