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Wednesday 17 July 2024

Tuesday 16 July 2024

This is just a test

My test novel (The Square) seems to be appearing in multiple channels now., although some are still picking up the original cover, like this German site.


However, some sites (like Apple) are rejecting the novel because I've embedded a link to the next novel, which inadvertantly bypasses Apple's ordering service.

They say:

"As a result, we cannot send this book to the following sales channel until you have corrected the matter:


The types of material at issue include:

Competitor Links: The content contains links to sales channels that are in direct competition with the chosen sales channels. Please check your book's content for any direct links to eBook retailers. Remove these links to ensure compatibility with all of your selected vendors. Typically, these links are found in the front matter or back matter of your book.

Sales channels not listed above continue to receive this material at this time."

Oh well.

Monday 15 July 2024

Sunday 14 July 2024

Not entirely covered

I started with Ingram for print editions of my novels. It was back in the dark age and every revision cost money. 

I used an original Ingram default size and have stuck with it all along. Even when I switched some of my printed books to Amazon I retained the same formatted size for my books. Now, it looks as if I will need to revise the covers and text layouts if I want to move platforms again.

I guess I'll need to take a few deep breaths.

Saturday 13 July 2024

Ed Adams Novels and Back Matter

As a start toward my marketing, I'm revising the Back Matter of my novels. I've never paid much attention to it, to be honest, but I guess if it tells the reader the next book in the sequence, then that can be a helpful thing. I remember being told that there needs to be three books as a minimum to create 'read-through'.

At the end of my first book ever (The Triangle), I'm now including a reference to the next book along (The Square) and even putting a picture from the cover art. Above is my original sketch, and below is the current cover art for the novel - which I now include as a page in the back of the prior novel. Then follows the 'Back Matter' which describes all my novels, and which I should be able to insert consistently into every novel, as I republish them.

I'll also consider moving some of the paperback novels to an Ed Adams storefront.

The Square

Nervous Weapons of Mass Destruction. The transport of materials across Egypt, with very unintended consequences


The first series. Fast paced, international thrillers featuring how Clare, Bigsy and Jake formed The Triangle.

T1 The Triangle: Dirty money? Here's how to clean it. A London crime story with international dimensions.


T2 The Square: Nervous Weapons of Mass Destruction. The transport of materials across Egypt, with very unintended consequences


T3 The Circle: The desert is no place to get lost. Deserts and missile ranges in Arizona.  


T4 Cosy: Cosy Crime in Devon, Agatha and Cluedo with a modern twist. 


T5 Church: Devon crime rains down: The power from the church is not what it seems.


T6 Dark: Control is power: A powerful woman seeks control.



Another asset joins the Triangle in the form of Christina Nott. We need to know a little of her back-story too.

A1 Archangel : Sometimes I am necessary. Icelandic born, Russian trained agent Christina Nott.


Now we have Jake, Bigsy, Clare and Christina working together. Political thrills in corridors of power. Now introducing Brant Technologie and Raven Holdings.

A2 Raven:  An eye that sees all between darkness and light. Big business gone bad. Very bad.


A3 Card Game: The power of Tarot whilst throwing oil on trouble. A story ruled by mysterious cards.


A5 Play On, Christina Nott : Money, Mayhem, Manipulation. Christina Nott, on Tour for the FSB. What a cover story. Moscow, Tokyo, Seattle with the band.


A6 Corrupt : Parliamentary corruption. Trouble at the house. 


A7 Sleaze: More political intrigue, as electric automobiles are on the agenda. Politics and Gstaad. There is snow. 



From modest science to an end for the universe

B1 Coin : Get rich quick with Cybercash-just don't get caught. Students, eh?


B2 Pulse: Sci-Fi dystopian blood management with nano-bots. Want more? Just stay away  from the edge. This predicts some of the events of other novels, yet the pieces are still fragmentary knowledge shards,


B3 An Unstable System : Creating the right kind of mind. Inventing a cyclone, with unforseen side effects.


B4 Jump:  Some kind of future. Forward in time, but with an ever increasing dilemma.


B5 The Watcher : We don't need no personal saviours here. A short story about the whole of time.


B6 Rage : A madman's war: Our Watchers arrive unexpectedly in Ukraine.


B7 Artificial : Where is my mind? Inside the RightMind there is an Artificial Intelligence.


B8 Luka : Can artificial intelligences fall in love. How Luka sees he interaction with a human.



The effects of Brant’s technologies far into the future.  Earth has a predicament.

E1 Edge World end climate collapse and sham discovered during magnetite mining from Ganymede


E2 Edge Blue Endgame, for Earth - unless?


E3 Edge Red  : Museum Earth an artificially intelligent 



All collections of the individual novels…

C1/T4 The Ox Stunner The Triangle Trilogy - thick enough to stun an ox Triangle, Circle, Square in one heavy book. all feature Jake, Bigsy, Clare, Chuck 


C2/A4 Magazine Clip First three Archangel novels


C3/A8 Ignoble Corrupt and Sleaze omnibus


C4/B7 The Dealer: Jump, Pulse and Rage Collection


C5/E4 Edge of Forever Edge Trilogy


C6/T7 Secrets: Cosy, Church and Dark Collection


C7/B9 Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality Guide: Brant Manual of Peacekeeping Technologies- Both of Artificial and Luka in one volume - dressed as a reference manual.


And finally, my Amazon Author page:

Please take a look and I hope you enjoy my novels!


Friday 12 July 2024

Kindle Scribe and authors


One of the things I noticed at SPS was the number of note-takers using technology. I have used my iPhone for some time and usually open an Evernote page into which I tip bullet points. 

The challenges with full internet connected technology are the interruptions. Too many bleeps and bumps.

Then I realised that the Kindle way could be useful, especially for reviewing my work. I grabbed a Kindle Scribe, which has access to my entire Kindle library and can download entire PDFs of my Work In Progress. Then I can  flip through it, fast and uninterrupted, and hand annotate corrections in much the way of pencil and paper.

I spent a two-hour train ride with one of my older novels performing an 'upgrade' simply using pencil and paper, on the Scribe.

Yes, I'm repackaging many of my novels as part of my marketing push, during which I'll be attempting some new techniques.

I'll have to do a post about the software I use during editing etc.

Thursday 11 July 2024

Needing a novel approach

A couple of weeks ago I travelled via Waterloo to the South Bank for the sessions at SPS Live, which discusses writing, self-publishing and aspects of commerce. A longer train ride but so convenient for my  hotel close to the Queen Elizabeth Hall, where the sessions took place.

It's the third time I've visited and I always get new ideas and inspiration. 

The size of the sales by the various speakers seems to rise each time too. 

First time I was impressed by 800k sales, from single genre crime writing. 

Then the second time by over 2.8 million, from a couple of sisters who co-write The Zodiac Academy, originally from a shed at the bottom of the garden with sales via Tik-Tok. 

This time we had EL James and Lucy Score. 

EL James (Erika Mitchell) wrote that 50 Shades series and has sold 150 million copies worldwide. She jokes about having three houses. 

Lucy Score has sold many, but her Booktok chart is revelatory, having sold over 600k print copies.
I originally got into the whole writing thing via NaNoWriMo, but I guess it could be a useful side-line ('side hustle' to be down with the lingo nowadays) if I actually did some serious marketing. I've just about 15,000 books out there, but mainly e-books at the moment and my mailing list is about 3,000. 

Now I need to decide on ways I could raise interest and make it more obvious that some of my 35-ish books are in a sequence.

Watch this space as I take a spell away from the typewriter***

***I actually use a Mac Studio and MacBook Air to write.

Wednesday 10 July 2024

Table needs a paint job

 Trip to B&Q required. And to get some JD. And some Devon Red. Jacket Potatoes finishing off.

Tuesday 9 July 2024


Not a bad run Exeter to Paddington nowadays. 2 hours and 10 minutes, stopping at Tiverton, Taunton and Reading. Then cross town on the Elizabeth line. Easy.

Monday 8 July 2024

Hook-Intrigue-Conflict-Stakes-Call to Action

What's this got to do with book marketing? A blue Ford Sierra? 

It was my commuter car when I started at the American firm. I worked out I could drive it for a few months and then it would have paid for itself. It wasn't new when I got it from one of those Trade Centre places.

I only had one cassette of music for my commute - Sheryl Crow. I used to know how I was doing on the route by the songs being played.

"No one said it would be easy
But no one said it'd be this hard
No one said it would be easy
But no one thought we'd come this far"

Sheryl Crow

Of course, that song got swamped by the lyrical copy from Coldplay.

"Nobody said it was easyOh, it's such a shame for us to partNobody said it was easyNo one ever said it would be so hardI'm going back to the start"

Chris Martin - The Scientist

And I suppose I am going back to the start with the refurbishment/re-invention of my Ed Adams web-site and book blurb.

Sunday 7 July 2024

return of the adults

Some sensible people in this room.

And what happened to the ghastly blue Press Briefing Room that cost £2.6 million? 

Saturday 6 July 2024

pony-tailed font hater

The gangplank walker won.

Boo hiss. Instead of Jenny Leck, which will run and run, I'll talk about Avatar 2.

Mainly the font choices, as described in these two clips.

The setup:
The resolution: