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Saturday, 2 July 2022

Ed Adams: The novels

One reason my blog output decreased is because I've been working on my novel writing. However, I'll need to balance my creativity with my Marketing. But don't panic. I have another site and web address for Ed Adams.

Triangle Trilogy





The Triangle

Dirty money? Here's how to clean itMoney laundering 




The Square

Weapons of Mass Destruction – don't let them get on your nervesA viral nerve agent being shipped by terrorists and WMDs




The Circle

The desert is no place to get lost.  In the Arizona deserts, with the Navajo; about missiles stolen from storage. 



Archangel Collection




Sometimes I am necessary

Icelandic-born, Russian trained agent Christina Nott, learns her craft.





An eye that sees all between darkness and lightBig business gone bad and being a freemason won't absolve you.




Card Game

The power of Tarot whilst throwing oil on a troubled market




Play On, Christina Nott

Money, Mayhem, Manipulation. Christina Nott, on Tour for the FSB





Parliamentary corruption. Trouble at the House





Autos, Politics, Gstaad





Big Science 




Get rich quick with Cybercash – just don't tell GCHQ



An Unstable System

Creating the right kind of mind



The Watcher

We don't need no personal saviours here. From the Big Bang to the almighty Whimper




Some kind of future.




Sci-Fi dystopian blood management with nano-botsWant more? Just stay away from the edge




A madman's war 





Blade's Edge Trilogy                                                                                                              




World end climate collapse and sham discovered during magnetite mining from Jupiter's moon Ganymede.



Edge Blue

Endgame, for Earth – unless?




Edge Red

Museum Earth an artificially intelligent outcome – unless?


Master Collections 



The Ox Stunner

The Triangle Trilogy – thick enough to stun an ox Triangle, Circle, Square in one heavy book.all feature Jake, Bigsy, Clare, Chuck Manners





Magazine Clip

First three Archangel novels






Corrupt and Sleaze omnibus – double album




The Dealer

Jump,, Pulse and Rage Collection





Edge of Forever

Edge Trilogy 





Friday, 24 June 2022


The slippery pig runs squealing to the next event. He has been topped up recently with extra wedges of politics brought along by the Lizard of Oz, Sir Lynton Crosby, who mysteriously became Knighted under Davy Cameron.

Crosby specialises in divisive wedge politics and tests his ideas in Australia before bringing them along to be used in Britain. Along with his buddy, the combative election strategist David Canzini, we can predict new carnage as part of attempts to restore Johnson's ignominious reputation.

One supposes that Mr Johnson is paying them well to help slide toward another election in a couple of years. I suppose the advice to both of these tacticians should be take the money and run. 

But I guess they both already know that (kerching).

It is getting difficult to find scapegoats now because most of the fatter members of the sty are rooting for cover, or inventing preposterous schemes to distract everyone.

Sunday, 19 June 2022


I have a diary entry to remind me to read the meter for the feed in tariff. We've those solar panels and I managed to squeak into the scheme before it was cancelled. I successfully filed the multiple page application and acquired the various certificates and other paperwork which I thought had been designed as a bureaucratic roadblock.

They also changed the meter reading inout system a while ago, and the new system with its dashboard doesn't appear to provide a record of the last reading nor of how much I've generated. 

I'm not surprised. The smart meter they provided me to read gas and electric doesn't work either. An £18 billion rip-off scheme to provide useless technology. 

The FiT scheme used to tell me how much I'd generated for the house (ie free electricity) and how much I'd 'over generated' which I could sell back to the electricity company (the Feed In part).

Now it doesn't appear to do either.

Friday, 17 June 2022

e-cars on my doorstep

The new e-Car hub is about two minutes walk from us. They have a couple of cars on the charging station there (currently a VW ID3 and a Fiat e500) and its all been made very simple to access. There's also a bike docking point, with electric bikes. I gather the system has around 30 cars at the moment, plus around 150 bikes. I'll give it a test run over the coming days.

Thursday, 16 June 2022

no ethics blues

Well there goes the remaining foothold on Ethics. As Lord Geidt leaves the building, the second Ethics man to go, Johnson proves he never really gave up the controls, preferring to use selective ethics as another weapon his arsenal.

I'm reminded of another Johnson, who gave his soul to the Devil in Clarksdale, on Highways 61 and 49.

Monday, 13 June 2022

Testing testing 1-2-3

Oh, Well. Two red lines. I was surprised at how quickly the 'T' line came up red.

Tuesday, 7 June 2022


Scraping the burnt bits off the breakfast toast, I was reminded this morning of the crumbs of spineless followers bereft of moral compass. 

 But we all know he is toast.

Sunday, 5 June 2022


The old man's pub had its share of legacy swirly carpets. 

It was only just after nine in the morning and there were already two geezers co-located at separate tables, but within shouting distance of the bar. One had a half pint of lager and the other one a pint of beer. It looked as if these could have been their regular spots.

On the windows were displayed beer prices like so many types of car fuel. I can't remember when I last saw sub-£3 beer anywhere, but maybe I don't visit many of the pubs being picked off for knock-down prices by that Pro-Brexit guy. I recollect that he did a deal in 2021 with the Belgian AB InBev for them to supply all beer to his pubs for the next 20 years. 

But this was on the last leg of the 'round Britain tour' we'd undertaken. 

Thursday, 26 May 2022

red squirrels

New tyres for this journey across the UK. This time, a combination of meeting friends plus also taking a holiday in Scotland. It meant we'd miss the Queen's southerly celebrations, but on the other hand, she is a close neighbour, just along the road in Balmoral. Our theory is that she keeps stunt squirrels (red obvs) on the back road to Braemar, which she can ping onto the road if there are photographers following.

Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Glass fronted wine fridge, suitable for meeting room

Nothing to see here. No signs of a party. No wine, no Dunkin' Donuts.
And it might look like a freshly installed glass-fronted wine fridge in the meeting room, but it is a fancy photo copier. I seem to remember that we were assured that no rules were broken and no lies were told.

Monday, 23 May 2022


I admit I've given up providing commentary on what the government is doing. The list of misdemeanours is too long and has too many people implicated. 

 A cohort of liars is complicit in crashing the economy and breaking every promise made to the electorate. 

Just because they learned to debate at Eton and Oxford, doesn't give them the right to treat their power over the United Kindom as a plaything. 

Lets remind ourselves how to keep power the easy way: Run briefings against anything.

- Bank of England? Select as scapegoat. 
- Sue Grey? Ad hominum attacks.
- Cocaine traces - bury the story. 
- Cakes and Parties? Trivialise them all, using time as a weapon. 

And so it goes on. The infinite rotten playbook masking that Britain is probably in the worst condition in many people's living memory.

Saturday, 21 May 2022

Anyone can play computer, Ok?

Two interesting music events:
  1. The end of the iPod.
  2. Twenty Five Years of OK, Computer.
They are not entirely linked, but do, to me, mark the end of the old way of listening to music. I used to travel to my consultancy gigs by plane, and became very familiar with the old pre-T5 Heathrow terminals and their varied shops. In 'Dixons' I noticed the early iPods being displayed and thought they seemed like a way to reduce my luggage even further. I bought one, with its click wheel and Firewire 400 connection and hooked it up to MusicMatch and then began the lengthy conversion of my CDs to MP3. It worked, but I wondered whether we'd ever get to the stage where downloading the digital files direct to the device would catch on. Then we traversed the Napster years. 

Of course, it presaged the end of the music industry.

Then to Ok, Computer. Twenty five years ago I bought the CD, already having their earlier albums in my collection (remember those?)

This album was, at the time, a milestone of clever production and complicated interweaving of ideas and in some senses was fighting against the rise of the shuffle playlist.

It reminded me of a band refiring the booster rockets on concept albums, but without the pretensions to fill an album side with one track.  
That's not to say Radiohead didn't have the rock'n'roll moves too - as in 'Anyone Can Play Guitar' (Reading '94) with Jonny Greenwood swirling his telecaster by the cable. 

But then going on to do film music including for Inherent Vice, Phantom Thread, Power of the Dog and Licorice Pizza.