rashbre central: messing about on the river

Saturday, 30 March 2019

messing about on the river

Clear the head with a simple stroll along the riverbank today.

Most of the boats are still ashore, in the car park, ready to be lifted back into the water during the next month. There's a few further upstream, but it will soon be much busier.

Two of the black swans from Dawlish seem to like it across on this side of the river, and are frequently by the quayside. Here's an iPhone snap.

Yesterday I noticed egrets, herons, a swooping marsh harrier and some kind of pretty red headed ducks, when I was along the nearby River Clyst.

That is when my iPhone isn't quite powerful enough to take a usable photo. Instead, this picture shows couple of cormorants sitting on one of the boats that has remained in the water.

Here's some of the reeds which could make a good subject for a painting.

Across on the other bank there's a couple of other boats that seem to have been in the water a long time.


Nikki - Notes of Life said...

This sounds like a wonderful stroll. Simple, yet full of nature.

rashbre said...

Yes - Always fun to walk around in the sunshine !

Pat said...

Love the photos but the last one touches my heart.

rashbre said...

Pat: Aw. Walk along that bank a bit further towards the sea and there's a few more like that, too.