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Thursday, 8 August 2019

the big lie and the big wrong

Rummage around the various Remain web-sites and it is noticeable that there isn't a declared game-plan to halt the path of intelligent comic-book villain Cummings. He's already said that even if there's a vote of no confidence in Boris, that through 'people vs parliament' trickery Boris will stay in position long enough to see the No Deal roll into ratification by default. He's probably modelled it in one of his visualisation rooms. People, Ideas, Machines and Boyd OODA loops (observe–orient–decide–act).

The alternative he needs to parry is formation of a government of national unity from the other parties. Cummings' agnostic ideology blocks this. It's all about the power. And, ironically, the money.

Too many of the Cabinet interests and their supporters are ready to cash in on Brexit. Welcome to Casino Britain. Like Vegas, only rainier. And well-leveraged by Cummings' vocabulary of insight.

He understands that immersion in his version of the truth can be overwhelming. Data, charts, graphics, maybe a cartoon or two. Stories (e.g Icarus) and authority (e.g ‘witch doctor’) to evidence/experiment (e.g physics, wind tunnels) and quantitative models. He's the combustion for the headpieces filled with straw.

Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow

I've decided to put up a strategy for the Remainers, because no one else will.

We must remember that Cummings eschews Parliament (he's already refused to be summoned to a select committee to answer for the last round of alleged misdeeds). Now with the keys to Number 10, he's prepared to bully the elected members, threaten the Civil Service, jam the constitution, ignore Parliament's protests and to suggest that Sovereignty is only for guidance. He's a wrong-un, but the blond buffoon is riding on his tails.

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