rashbre central: Brompton, Frost and Sekers clip plus Carradice Nelson bag

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Brompton, Frost and Sekers clip plus Carradice Nelson bag

I decided to see whether the Frost+Sekers Quicklock fixing would work with the Carradice Nelson saddlebag.

Short answer - Yes and for me it is better.

The challenge with the Carradice Bagman Explorer saddlebag support was that the metal from the Bagman frame stuck out about 30 cm and made the folded Brompton significantly bigger. It's ideal for any normal (non-folding) bike and I will repurpose it onto another cycle, where it offers stability and a really nifty click-in click-out system.

Meanwhile, the three leather straps that came with the Carradice were useful for the revised fixing to the Frost+Sekers handle. I could use two of them to thread the saddlbag onto the Quicklock handle.

Then remove the Brompton seat and its various pentaclip fixings, using a couple of allen keys.

I should comment that the saddle fixing has several washers and spring clips in its mounting and these need to be quite cautiously retained when replacing the saddle bolt. There's a comprehensive instruction set with the kit but it doesn't mention the washers.

The end result is a very neat fixing, which clicks into place and can as easiy be removed. There's a third leather strap (which came with the Carradice) and which can be put around the seatpost to assist stability.

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