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Sunday, 11 August 2019

stand and deliver?

I've commented before about the proliferation of Parking Apps, including ones that are re-badged clones of another (stand up, Westminster Council). It is almost time for a Manager of Managers to cover the whole lot with a single App on top.

I'd changed bank cards which has meant progressively standing around re-programming each of them when I've wanted to park. The other day a different experience.

Payment rejected, card invalid.

I tried this with a couple of cards and eventually resorted to huge quantities of coins. The machine didn't have a card reader or a WavePay. A few minutes later I'm contacted by someone claiming to be from my bank.

"Ahah," I say, "But how do I know it is you?" They agreed and told me to call the usual number.

Big mistake. I was now in call centre purgatory and had to wait for another 10 minutes. Then the man (Raj) called me again. He suggested that I could ask him some letters from my password.

"Okay," I thought.

"X and Z" he swiftly replied.

"Nope." I thought and told him he was wrong.

He hung up.

I restarted my long call to the help desk. It was raining.

After around 35 minutes from my failed attempt to pay for parking, I was through to a person.

"Lat's see," she said,"I see you need our fraud department. I'll put you through"

I recognised the music.

Gritted my teeth.

Eventually I was through to Raj again.

"Hello," and he started to put right my cards.

"The last transaction...Was it to APCOA?"

"Yes, I was trying to pay for some parking."

"I see we have stopped your credit card too - it looks like around the same time."

"Yes," I said, "I'm trying to do some shopping, but you've blocked both of my day-to-day cards"

I could tell he was a professinal, not to be drawn into any of my venting.

"It's all put back to normal now," he said, or something like it.

Now I could go shopping and ponder the advantages of coinless payment.

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