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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Boris in Brexit Art Project shocker

Boris' days may be numbered, but credit where it's due: He knew that Brexit was a cartoon art project long before anyone else.

Let's recap. After being sacked from the Wolverhampton Express & Star for fabricating quotes from his godfather Colin Lucas, a historian, about Edward II's supposed lover, he used family connections to get a really low-grade Telegraph posting to Brussels.

As Nigel Wade, the paper’s foreign editor from 1986 to 1996 put it “Nobody cared about Brussels,” he said, recalling the city as a source of “important but dull stories”.

Boris the unreliable reporter was at home there, happily troughing-up stories about bananas and vacuum cleaners, just for the laughs.

Impressionable little Nige Farage believed the stories, of course, as did the readership of many tabloids.

A pinnacle of misinformation would be Boris' story about blowing up the EU headquarters, to replace it with the tallest headquarters building in Europe.

Johnson did not invent British Eurosceptic reporting but took it to new heights. The deliberate lies and half-truths delivered him the profile and publicity that he craved.

The same could be said of his private life, which he'd dismiss with iconoclastic bluster: “I have not had an affair with Petronella. It is complete balderdash. It is an inverted pyramid of piffle.” Watch for the exaggerated arm waving as another 'tell'.

It makes it all the more difficult to read the buffoon now that he has blagged a leadership position. As a useless duffer, he can be easily operated by those around him. Moneyed trousers and screwball strategists are having an elaborate laugh whilst using the grim-faced man for whom time stood still as a decoy, complete with his trite grammar advice.

The game plan to make UK into a tax haven, offshore from Europe, with a devalued currency making foreign acquisitions of UK companies heavily discounted, is running.

Liz Truss and Sajid Javid are now unsuspecting accomplices in the establishment of free-trade zones. Our man with no background, Dominic Cummings, has dialled up to 11 on the grand scheme. A couple of hundred million of newspeak funding should help things move along.

The GBP has already gone from around USD1.60 to USD1.22 - which represents a 25%-33% discount since the referendum. The damped effect of the economy makes the impact of this less obvious, but all those 'Just get it done' folk will wake up one day to find themselves dramatically pickpocketed. The Armageddon Clock is ticking, as illustrated by the unnecessarily smug tory chairman James Cleverly.

The situation leaves many questions unanswered. Who lied about the savings to the UK? Who donated dark funds to the campaigns? Who funded the misinformation? Which state actors were involved in the deceptions? Who ran targeted interference on social media? Who has covered up that the referendum was advisory?

I pulled this one from the bonfire of the House of Commons library.

Britain has been sold off by the right and its hired guns. Audi man had better get used to a smaller car. The big levers have been selected. Boris doesn't realise he is positioned as a means to an end - on the trapdoor (#existentialthreat).

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