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Thursday, 23 August 2007


IM clients
Tonight I'm sitting here IM-ing whilst I wait for the Powerbook disk I mentioned yesterday to copy itself entirely to another drive. I found a spare 160Gb drive in a little enclosure and thought it would be sensible to swap it into the Powerbook. I've no idea whether it will work, involving mechanical derring-do (opening a Powerbook) and software technology - cloning the drive.

So here's my plan of how to dismantle a Powerbook...
technical explanation of drive swapping a powerbook
I know I may have left out a few details but it looks like a good plan to me. More fainthearted might need this. But that would just put me off.

adiumAnd all this Instant Messaging reminded me that I use a little program called Adium, which does what Messenger, AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, Bonjour and all of those other little programs do, but in one simple and rather elegant manner. And I'll admit I have it set to play the Tokyo train station notifications when people call me.

(A few more bicycle miles this evening, mainly up and down the nearby friendly hill).

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