Thursday, 18 May 2006

Thursday Thirteen (V22)

1. I thought it would be fun to mention a few places I have visited since I started this Blog. An obvious one for me is London - I was there when we won the Olympic bid.
2. The next day, I was in Paris, but I was there on the day of the terrorist attacks on London - we first heard about it via SMS Text messages.
3. A little earlier, I'd done a quick scoot around Europe, stopping in Milan, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. I notice I didn't mention it at all in my blogging, because I was still getting to grips with the technology.
4. I did mention my chill-out time in Scotland, though.
5. Then to Stamford, Connecticut as well as Baang in well-heeled Greenwich and South Norwalk by speedboat.
6. From Stamford I drove to Manhattan and then ditched the car in 46th Street. I was staying in the funky SoHo Grand and grabbed a cab driven by David Bradford - the author of Drive by Shootings
7. Next I was in Wales, for a brief sojourn.
8. And then off to Stockholm, where I arrived at about 22:00 - which was an ideal time to go off to hit the Operakellaren for a spot of clubbing.
9. Clearly influenced by all things Swedish, I'm then found in Warrington Ikea
10. And then another trip to Italy, this time to Rome
11. And a spin to Frankfurt and then Heidelberg.
12. Next up, of note was a short visit to Cannes, France, which was in the period I was writing my NaNoWriMo novel and was a superb source of inspiration as I got upgraded to the best suite in the hotel.
13. And I'll finish this brief skip through the first few months of my blog in the spa at Nirvana, laying in the flotation tank, listening to soft classical music.

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