Sunday, 18 September 2005


And so I travel to Rome, Italy.
Rome, starting from 509 BC ascended to become capital of an empire dominating the whole of the Mediterranean and across Europe as far as the United Kingdom.

Rome's city walls were built in about 270 AD but didn't stop the city being sacked in in the 400s. It was as a result of the constant wars around it in the 500s that Rome's Empire fell into total disrepair becoming nearly abandoned and desolate.
The Bishop of Rome (Pope) ascended to become one of the leading religious figures in the entire Byzantine Empire and effectively more powerful locally than either the remaining senators or local Byzantine officials.
So power in Rome devolved to the Pope and much of the remaining possessions of the senatorial aristocracy and the local Byzantine administration in Rome were absorbed by the Church.
The Vatican is nowadays a separate State, with its own "Swiss" guards,
Every day of the year, many visitors make their way to the Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, St Peters and the Citadel.
And then there's the secular pleasures of coins in the Trevi Fountain and the many delights for tourists on holiday.

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