rashbre central: Historical negationism

Sunday 5 February 2023

Historical negationism

They say the victors write the history books, but now we can see a last gasp attempt from a couple of con artists to fingernail their way back into public life. 

The clown is a serial liar, which has been frequently proven with the likes of cakegate, and the other one appears to be unhinged. 

Now they are both attempting to put on record a counter-commentary to negate what history has them pegged to. 

Historical negationism. It's too much of a mouthful to become a thing. 

 I'm sure they would both be good fun at a child's party, but running the country? I don't think so. Instead we see their attempts to re-portray themselves in a more positive light - misunderstood - picked upon - blah blah blah. Its all just wiffle waffle.

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