Tuesday, 19 February 2008

though the night is daylight-saving

I've just had three interludes with different people who have been staying up late (partying; not sleeping; just chillin'). I was marvelling with one of them at the cold crisp night and the superabundance of stars. Somehow I had a flashback to a well-known poem by Adrian Henri called 'and so we'll go no more a raving' (which is best recited with a Liverpool accent) and then I remembered this one which sort of fits the night-time too.

Galactic Lovepoem
Warm your feet at the sunset
Before we go to bed
Read your book by the light of Orion
With Sirius guarding your head
Then reach out and switch off the planets
We'll watch them go out one by one
You kiss me and tell me you love me
By the light of the last setting sun
We'll both be up early tomorrow
A new universe has begun


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