Wednesday, 27 February 2008

standing in the way of control

beatles hamburg germany
Oh, Prawns, I'd planned an early night but then I noticed 'Backbeat' on Film4 so I've started watching the mid 90's version of the mop-headed 5 piece Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Best and Sutcliffe Beatles. I'm semi wondering whether it should have been shot in monochrome.

AstridKirchherr.jpgI'd watch Beatle's stuff (even without any of their songs - presumably because of royalties) over Elvis anytime.

This movie includes Astrid Kirschherr who created many of the early photos (When we was fab), amongst other things.

And then there's the Reeperbahn, Kaiserkeller, Top Ten Club, Seeleute, Rickenbacker geetars, usw.

Einen Eindruck der Zeit viel verursachen.

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