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Friday, 18 December 2009

no comments?

I've received an email that says if I don't upgrade Haloscan commenting in the next two weeks, it will all disappear.

The new system is called Echo and I'm not expecting it to work properly at the start. I see my blog now has Echo comments from today and Haloscan prior.

Also that the little counters that say whether there are comments have stopped working. And my customisations.

In fairness to the people at Echo, they do seem to have responded pretty quickly.

I seem to now have all my comments cutover to the new system, and also have the comment counter updating.

There is still a problem with the recent comment box in the sidebar (which I have demoted to the end of the sidebar for the time being).

The look and feel of the new comment box is different but It can still run as a popup layer like Haloscan did (or as a web page or inline) so once I've found the CSS I can re-customise it.

Elapsed period of wobble = about 15 hours.

I suppose I'll call it 'path of least resistance'. I plinked the $10 for the upgrade and I seem to have all my old comments still visible and a little box appearing to take new ones. Theres a load of other new social networking facilities and voting systems which I've suppressed, so the end effect is functionally similar to the Haloscan I had previously, except the most recent comment is now at the top of the list.

When I have more time I may adjust some of it, but I suppose I've crossed the bridge now and the blog is still functioning.

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