Sunday, 30 October 2011

our kitchen always has its own time zone

time Time was, when the clock change meant everything had to be adjusted individually to the new setting. Nowadays it kind of works in reverse. Everything changes automatically except for a couple of old battery clocks.

Even getting into the car I was treated to that moment when the ignition is switched on and the clock then spins around 11 hours without me touching anything.

It can be confusing though. We keep the kitchen in a special +20 minutes time zone. Its a sort of tradition to try to avoid being late for things and just enough to be almost forgotten about in routine matters. On Sunday evening, as we returned from a couple of days away, it was at one of those times where we just didn't know any more what the right time was.

"Shall we make the kitchen only plus five?" came a suggestion.

We've left it plus 20.


Nikki-ann said...

Hmmm... My car's clock hasn't changed. I'll have to remember to do it tomorrow as I went into a bit of a time warp this morning... I left the house at just gone 8am and when I looked at the car clock 5 mins later it was 9.07am!

Pat said...

We have the same situation with clocks in the house - it drives me mad!

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann Someone in the office this afternoon made a 'one hour error' by relying on their incorrect wrist watch. Amazing how much people rely on phones for the time nowadays.

rashbre said...

Pat: I am quite used to the different time zone for the busy part of the house.