Friday, 7 October 2011

Lacie 5 Big NAS Server Failure

Lacie 5 Big Network RAID I sometimes put up posts with very direct titles when I think there may be someone genuinely looking for some information about something that I have discovered. In this case its my Network Attached Storage, which happens to be provided by Lacie.

The box contains 5 drives, each of 1 Terabyte. Four of them are mirrored into a RAID 5 configuration with total redundancy. In addition, the fifth drive is effectively configured as a 'spare' so if one of them goes wobbly, the server will reconfigure itself to use the spare and send an email alert to have the faulty drive replaced.

Also the whole device backs itself up to another single big disk attached to it through a USB connection.

Sounds pretty foolproof, doesn't it?

Well I knew there would be a weak link (I can think of a couple actually).

The one that created the fail was the most obvious. The power supply. Yes. It has blown up but in a subtle way. The lights still come on on the power brick and also momentarily in the server. The Lan connection lights glimmer faintly as well. But it's really a dead supply.

I ejected all five drives from the back of the unit and then tried a lower rated supply (only 2.5Amps) as a quick proof that the main unit was working. Sure enough, all the lights came on properly as the server tried to re-boot without any disks.

Internet ordering time. Although Lacie are out of stock.

Normal service will be resumed.


Update Yes, a short trip to Maplin Electronics and I'm back in business with a new power supply.

12V 120Watts.

Technically its over-specified for the server, but I'd rather have something not operating at its limits. Now is a good time to run an extra full backup.

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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I don't understand any of the terms you used--like---NONE..But what I DID understand is---your Back-Up failed..Right? (Or did I not understand that either?? LOL)

Anyway....I hope it gets "FIXED" as quickly as possible...!!

Have you considered, 'the cloud'?