Sunday, 20 January 2008

Podcast 2 : mixin' it

In the tradition of old mix tapes, here's my first 2008 "lo-fi" podcast of some recent music, as promised to Andrea a couple of weeks ago and I think I owe a few "Brit tracks" to Nat, too.

I said I'd try to keep it to modern-ish music, so I limited myself to mainly 2007, significantly British, with some 2008/2006 and "international" to balance it out.

I've put it onto my .mac site, to simplify web load times so its here

Just the podcast in another window, hit play and listen to some rashbre selections whilst browsing the blogosphere.

It's one 50 minute podcast blend with some simple track boundaries. If you like it, then buy the respective albums, of course.

2007 - Jack Penate - Spit at Stars (UK)
2008 - JayMay - Blue Skies (US)
2007 - Death cab for Cutie - I'll follow you into the dark (US)
2006 - Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy (live acoustic) (US recorded Germany)
2006 - Babyshambles - Albion (UK)
2007 - Long Blondes - Nineteen (UK)
2007 - Fratellis - Vince the loveable stoner (UK)
2007 - Lily Allen - LDN UK)
2007 - rashbre and britney go toxic (US with UK remix)
2007 - Christina Nott - Wind - LA mix (UK with US remix)
2007 - White Stripes - Rag and Bone (US)
2007 - Cat Power - Lived in Bars (UK)
2007 - Newton Faulkner - Some unholy War (UK)
2008 - British Sea Power - Down on the Ground (UK)
2006 - Beady Belle - Who switched on the darkness (Sweden)
2008 - Radiohead - Videotape (UK)

Technical note: yes its low bitrate and has a choppy start. Call it impressionistic.

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