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Friday, 24 June 2022


The slippery pig runs squealing to the next event. He has been topped up recently with extra wedges of politics brought along by the Lizard of Oz, Sir Lynton Crosby, who mysteriously became Knighted under Davy Cameron.

Crosby specialises in divisive wedge politics and tests his ideas in Australia before bringing them along to be used in Britain. Along with his buddy, the combative election strategist David Canzini, we can predict new carnage as part of attempts to restore Johnson's ignominious reputation.

One supposes that Mr Johnson is paying them well to help slide toward another election in a couple of years. I suppose the advice to both of these tacticians should be take the money and run. 

But I guess they both already know that (kerching).

It is getting difficult to find scapegoats now because most of the fatter members of the sty are rooting for cover, or inventing preposterous schemes to distract everyone.

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