rashbre central: trains and buses and swimming pools with cocktail bars

Monday, 2 July 2018

trains and buses and swimming pools with cocktail bars

After taking the Cornish Riviera Express back to London, my route to the airport was via the Paddington Express. I didn't have any luggage; for complicated social engagement reasons it had all been taken on ahead and I'd be re-united with it at the airport.

I've driven to LHR thousands of times, but today I was using the public route, so that we didn't end up with two cars to park around the airport.

Perfectly fine, after a 15 minute train ride to the airport, I came out into the sometimes invisible terminal 2.
The Tunnels of Terminal Two
I navigated the subterranean world of Heathrow to the bus station. I could get a London red bus (in the free Heathrow zone) for the 10 minute ride to the hotel where our other car was parked. I have to admit that this particular end-to-end route was faster than if I'd driven.

Our room had a pretty good view of part of the aircraft taxi-ing area and unsurprisingly the double glazing had around a 15 cm air gap to remove plane noise. Oh yes, and the swimming pool had the essential swim-up cocktail bar.

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