rashbre central: a view from the window

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

a view from the window

Fairmont York, Toronto
Normally we pick up a car as soon as we land. This time we would be in a city for the first 3 days, so we decided to take a limo to the hotel and pick up the car on Friday. We're in a pretty fancy hotel and have a great view from the window. The most famous landmark of the city is around a block away and clearly visible from the room. It's just visible at the top of the picture below. Those purple lines are the base.
Easier to spot in this second picture. The lights have changed colour.
And it is even easier to see in daylight. Here's that road crossing outside the hotel.
And, looking up in the air...
It's the CN Tower, of course. The tallest tower on earth from its completion in 1975 until 2010.
A wonder of the modern world. Built in just 40 months and still looking fresh.


Doris said...

Looking good! I hope good times are being had :-) And great to see still around.

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Ah Toronto. I love that city! I definitely need to make the trip back there :)

rashbre said...

Yay Doris. Good to see you around!

rashbre said...

Hi Nikki-ann. Not sure when you last visited, but it has sure moved along over the last 10 years,