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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

TEOTFW binge complete

I've been watching TEOTFW. That's not the full title, although the TV announcer did manage a fill-in-the xxxs reference just before episode one screened yesterday evening.

It's been made like a dark-humoured road trip set in a stylistically dated Britain. James and Alyssa (played by Craig Roberts and Jessica Barden) are teenagers with outlier attitudes.

Based on the Charles Forsman graphic novel, the revised UK storytelling still plays with American-style scenes. James walks along a tree-lined street carrying a skateboard in one of those classic framing shots. They drive along Badlands-straight roads, stopping at faux-American diners for food.

There's a roadhouse bar, even an isolated mobile home that could have been in a dingy trailer park. James wears a Hawaiian shirt that could almost be from True Romance. They visit houses that look like mid-century British attempts to do American decor. Alyssa even says it at one point: “If this was a film, we’d probably be American.” Much of the incidental music has an American twang.

Despite its G rating, it's not a series for a faint-hearted General Audience. More of a 'T for Twisted', if such rating were to exist. Brilliantly cast, including one of Sightseers lead characters playing a Dad which can't just be coincidence.

I won't say more, except I've watched the whole series, currently freely available on All4. Watch the first episode at your peril; it'll probably lead to binge viewing of the rest.

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