rashbre central: setting up the @ukmixtape photoshoot for #edfringe2015

Monday, 29 June 2015

setting up the @ukmixtape photoshoot for #edfringe2015

We'd planned to run a flexible Mixtape photoshoot on Sunday afternoon.

It meant clearing a big enough space and finding a plain wall for individual pictures, to feature various types of band.
We also needed some external shots, requiring the inevitable railway arch wall, the obligatory closed and shuttered shop and a broken down hotel. Some beach would also be useful.

We found all of these within easy walking distance and also adjacent to a useful pub.
Mixtape at the Central
A quick bit of furniture rearrangement, a cleaning of wall that had somehow gained mysterious tea stains and we were ready for business.
I'd brought my little Olympus cameras to take the pictures and we'd found an angle-poise lamp to add some illumination/toning without resorting to flash guns.
P6270259-Edit.jpgThe plan was some colourful 80's pictures, some grainy indie pop and some rock'n'roll which we'd set in the pub.
We also needed a few headshots and some Mixtape identity shots with wristbands, actual cassette tapes and even some pulled out tape which could be wrapped around things.
Next stage is reviewing the photos and selecting a few for publicity.
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