rashbre central: locating my number for #BHF London to Brighton, this Sunday

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

locating my number for #BHF London to Brighton, this Sunday

I had an email from another of our Team Nemo cyclists who is also doing the London to Brighton this weekend. It contained all kinds of helpful tips about things to take (sunblock AND waterproofs) and things to leave behind (large things)

I'll take some water and some snacks. I may treat myself to a banana before the start. I'm number 000145, which will be lost somewhere amongst the other 29999 or so riders.

I've put the wider flat pedals on to the carbon bike now. Removing the old pedals was harder than I expected because they had seized into place.
I had to get out the serious hex spanner set, and then additionally use an old seat post to get extra leverage to shift them.

I still get confused about the one on the left which has to be unscrewed backwards, but it also depends where you are standing! The Park Tools descriptions come in handy for this.

And I've only had enough time for a meagre 7 miles today. It'll be 54 miles at the weekend, plus the bits to and from the event.

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