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Sunday, 29 July 2007

powershot G7

Canon G7
Dear Canon,

I like your G7 Powershot camera and took one on vacation.

It is reassuringly well built and has many adjustments on it to make it both a simple point and shoot and also a highly customisable camera which can take quite clever photographs.

I wanted to see whether I could take a small camcorder and a small camera that together could take a wide range of shots yet fit into a tiny bag.

The camera has a more or less instantaneous shutter release when the button is pressed, rather than that lag that some cameras still have nowadays. Its quite heavy and has attractive styling reminiscent of a retro 35mm rangefinder.

The thing is, the wide angle of the lens isn’t quite wide enough for this to be the all-purpose pocketable camera. I know there is a bulky attachment to improve the wide angle, but I think it would be better to move the wideangle end of the lens down to something more like 28mm (equivalent) rather than extoll the virtues of a really long zoom range. I know zooms sell (like the camcorders with the impossible to hold 2000 times zooms). But let’s be practical. The sort of person that wants something like a G7 would probably like to be able to take pictures indoors and get in most of the action.

So when you release an update, bring the wide angle down a few more degrees without needing to add oodles of further zoom.

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