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Sunday, 22 July 2007


S-Gota Hotel.jpg
Changing plans for today meant re-jigging hotels too. The first challenge was to back out of the one in the current town without a large penalty. I reckoned that charging last evening's meal to the hotel bill would help and sure enough they were gracious about letting us leave a day early.

So then it was off across Sweden with no particular place to go. We opted for a diagonal route on a meaningful but minor road and I lazily tapped a destination into the Sat-Nav in the general direction, so that I could have some verbal assistance from the car if needed.

We aimed for the large lakes in the middle of Goteland adjacent to the Goteland Canal which links the east and west coasts of Sweden between Goteberg and Stockholm. It turned out to be a good decision, with pretty scenery and some attractive stopping points, including a lovely hotel on the canal, but alas the only room at the inn was one a tiny one with bunk-beds, so we decided to keep moving.

Indeed, we also tried a large ex-monastery on the shores of Lake Vattern, but the spook factor from the previous evening was a little too powerful- together with the promise of evening bats, so we kept moving instead and took a late afternoon decision to push on to Stockholm, which at this point was a mere 250 kilometres away.

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