Friday, 20 October 2017

FCPX, Motion, FXFactory and High Sierra all running smoothly together

A spinoff from getting the main computer/disks etc back into use has been the number of updates applied since the system was last used back in early May.

The most notable change was from Sierra to High Sierra, which had the effect of removing a few old versions of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro from daily use. They just don't work any more on the latest operating system.

When the X versions of these products were introduced, I used to think of them as a dumbing down of prior capabilities and so, like many, I kept the older FCP Studio and Logic Pro Studio version running. In particular the lack of plugins in the early days meant that I couldn't use the new software to edit some of my existing work.

In the interim, I've tinkered with Adobe and Avid again, but now, years later, FCPX seems to have sorted itself out, so I have added back all the plugins and have used it for my latest couple of small projects.

A major help has been the small FXFactory plugin manager, which has reduced that time hunting around in directories and managing multiple copies of the same plugin across different software platforms.

I'm pleased to say my editing on FCPX is now functioning securely, responsively and with most of my day-to-day effects working across both FCPX and Motion. I'll post a small example over the next day or so.

It will probably be pre-marketing for one of next year's shows ;-)

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