Saturday, 15 June 2013


long shadow
I was up early enough to watch the sunrise this morning (04:42, since you wondered). That's a pretty early sunrise and its still getting earlier each day. Today, it has also been the sunniest time.

The sun also somehow managed to get into a gap between two houses at a very low angle, which I'll refer to as my local equivalent of a pre-solstice Stonehenge moment. I know jealous New Yorkers talk about Manhattanhenge when the sun sets at the right angle to shine along those blocky streets (July this year, I think).

Such regimented sun alignment doesn't work in London because of the non grid structure of the streets, but my local sunrise moment is still fun.
It's a good time to think of other entertaining sun rises and sunsets, hence my picture from Utah of a sunrise which allowed me to cast an extra long shadow. Yep, zoom in on the picture at the top of the post - that's my shadow with a camera.

But back here we now have the London rain, although it's still another few days until the proper solstice.
Turbine Hall

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