Saturday, 9 February 2013

the home-made orange guitar body has sound (Pt 8)

Guitar construction
Well, all the wires are inside the guitar body now.

Or so I thought...

I decided to plug it in and see what it sounded like without a neck or any strings.

Silent would be a good answer.

Unfortunately, not to be. There was a big hum when I touched the tone controls.


I realised my mistake. I'd been thinking of the guitar body as a ground. Like in electronics, earthing to the chassis is a pretty routine thing. Of course, the guitar chassis is made of wood, so doesn't work too well.
adding the earth circuit - silver wire between the pots
Another round with the soldering iron, this time to make a pretty little silver wire circuit between the four control knobs, so that they share a common earth.

It's worked a treat and I just get a hiss when I turn the amplifier up high now, with everything else ominously silent.

My next experiment was to hold the plugged-in neck-less guitar body face to face with my unplugged telecaster. Strum the strings on the telecaster and see if the new guitar pickups could sense the vibrations?


It works. In all the main switch positions. The guitar has sound.

Now to add a neck, bridge and the strings.

Then to learn about intonation and action.
Guitar construction


OldLady Of The Hills said...

This is so very complicated...Bravo to you that you don't give up!

rashbre said...

Naomi It's up and running now (just) - Although I'll be fiddling around with the innards some more. Changing the value of the tone capacitor(!)