Sunday, 22 April 2012

i test the soothing herbal bath creme

bike A chance to combine a couple of themes from my recent blogging today - cycling and the new bathroom.

It all started innocently enough when I applied to do a sort of cycling event today. It was only the 'fun' distance, but as I arrived quite early today I realised it was a little more serious than the central London cycling events which feature folk of all ages.

Most people here seemed to have proper cycle clothing and quite a few spent some time putting wheels on their shiny steeds and adding various energy food to the back pockets of their jackets. Even a cyclist with a bike with panniers had a special aerodynamic helmet that would look good on a track.

I'll admit I'd also adjusted the handlebars on my bike so that it would fit into the car, which gave me a good 2-3 minutes of fiddle around time, and I did have some clippy shoes but my two layers of tee-shirt and a waterproof plus my £2.99 Sainsbury's yellow cycle gloves were not quite as professional looking as most people.

Still, it was all a bit of good fun in the bright sunny early hours and I was still back home in time to watch some of the London Marathon.

It was like having a sort of sense-o-vision watching the runners, having just cycled around a few hills. It also gave me a chance to test some soothing herbal bath creme on my slightly achy legs.

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Pat said...

I hope the cream was efficacious.
Re marathon I do wonder how all that pounding on pavements will affect their joints later on.
I did a modest amount of rock climbing chimneys and I am constantly reminded of it.