Tuesday, 24 April 2012

adjusted reality

Olympic countdown London (™) ©
It's still subtle as different areas of London are receiving quiet makeovers ready for the Olympics. Of course, there's the main Olympic Park and surrounding area which has looked fairly complete for quite a long time.

Now we are seeing more of the central areas that are getting re-paved and adjusted, along with the increasing number of transport posters suggesting the need to find other ways to get around town.

There's still another 94 days until everything starts, but with the Marathon last weekend, a few more try-out events, including a three day security rehearsal, the upcoming Jubilee celebrations and then the actual Olympics, there's plenty of indications that preparations are under way.

I wasn't sure about the degree of predicted Central London impact, because the games are over to the East, but the recently published maps give a clue. The first one here is a 'before' showing typical London road loading on an average day. It's always busy, but there's none of the special lanes switched on.
Then to a 'during' picture, which shows a few of the central London designated Olympic routes as red lines, plus a heat map of the expected extra traffic where yellow represents 'very busy' and red is 'wooah, maybe I won't go there'.
Maybe it's time to start paying attention to the adverts about finding alternative routes.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

When the Olympics were here in '84 people were terribly worried about getting about---L.A. Traffic is horrible, at best!
But it wasn't bad at all...! Amazingly, people changed their schedules and/or went out of town....If memory serves, businesses adjusted workers schedules, too....In some ways it was easier to get around then usual.....! Shocking, but true!
Wishing London has this kind of 'happening', too....!

Lady Banana said...

As my daily "commute" is a 25 minute walk it won't affect me!