Thursday, 16 February 2012

Missing an appointment on Mam Tor

Mam TorThursday became something of a car day, with the trip back from the North taking a significant slice of the daylight hours.

Last Saturday had been an easy journey north, partly because there were fewer commercial vehicles on the road.

By comparison, even the trip to get fuel took around 30 minutes. The forecourt was packed with cars and then even when I'd filled up, the car in front blocked me whilst the occupants decided to go on a shopping spree in the mini-mart.

Navigating out of the superstore completed the challenge. It had been built on a major thoroughfare, but the traffic lines backed onto the main road in both directions creating all manner of hold-ups.

It was one of this occasions when I found myself mentally composing one of those 'emails to the council' about the way a store had been situated in a manner that created major road disruption. But I soon snapped out of it.

Further into the journey we wanted to take a deliberate detour to look at some scenery. The Peak District won as a chosen route and spent a happy hour or so navigating through the twists and bumps of the area before, on Mam Tor, realising we would now be late for an appointment down south.

We decided that the view from the shivering mountain was worth the inconvenience.


Lois (three-legged-cat) said...

Ah, looks familiar. That used to be a favourite walk, but after several years of climbing up there with groups of schoolchildren, I seem to have got out of the habit of visiting.

The view from the top is fantastic, looks like you had a great day for it.

Anonymous said...

I drive that road to work - it's one of the lovliest spots on the whole peak district. Last Saturday really was the best of the weather. wouldn't fancy it today...


rashbre said...

Lois Indeed a fine spot. We also skirted around Sheffield on our way back south, but didn't have time to stop off anywhere.
vladography I thought we were close to your walking grounds when we were in that area. Didn't realise it was actually on your driving to work route though!