Friday, 17 February 2012

the machines of loving grace sometimes get flat batteries

Back home today and wondering whether to abandon this week's 40 miles on the bike. Strictly speaking, the week ends tomorrow and this morning's total was zero miles. Most other weeks I have been well over my target (last week was around 76 miles) so I think I could miss a week without wrecking my aggregate numbers.

But it could be a slippery slope (pardon the weather related pun) so I decided instead to go for a spin. It's one of the occasions where my gadgetry could defeat my objective though. Both the bicycle head unit and the speed detector batteries appeared to be flat.

An advantage of a bike is that it's quick to be able to use, but I really did want the telemetry to operate as well. My recent exploits with a Windows PC were partly to provide a quick way to offload the bicycle metrics, from within the garage, as well as to be able to do some clever things with the GPS plots.

The bike and its speedo normally work fine, although the other telemetry can go a bit wrong, usually as a result of low batteries or sensors that I have accidentally kicked and which are therefore no longer aligned.

I'm sure they will get this stuff so that 'it just works', but at the moment it can all still be a little erratic.

Anyway, my false start clocked up 72 feet after about ten minutes of cycling. That was before I replaced the sensor battery. Undeterred, I then went on to cycle 26 miles, so if I can muster 14 more tomorrow then I will still be on track.
all watched over by machines of loving grace


Imaginography said...

Kudos for getting out there, and combating the trials and tribulations sent to return you back to the sofa! :)

rashbre said...

Imaginography I'm pleased to say I added a further 15 or so on Saturday morning which has taken me over the 40.

Pat said...

Yes I am familiar with the slippery slope and you are going great guns in comparison.

rashbre said...

Pat Certainly trying to keep it going although theres a few more things on my list too.