Wednesday, 1 February 2012

in which I discover my bike's inadvertent blog

focus cayo
I had a slight surprise today when I found that my bike seemed to have it's own blog.

Well, not exactly a blog, but at least an RSS stream which I'd picked up on my RSS reader.

It's my own fault that it happened. I've written about it before, but I use the ANT + system to allow the various speedometers and such-like to communicate on my bicycle. ANT + is a bit like a mini Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for use over short distances and mainly used for counting things like speed, cadence and heart-rate.

Of course, these things can be counted whilst pedalling the bike, but also saved as statistics. And that's what happened to the numbers from my bike. They were offloaded to another system, stored away and quietly published into the cloud.

Now I don't particularly mind, but I was slightly surprised to see them appearing as a stream of messages on my Newsreader - even back to before my slippy-slidey ride from over a year ago. It was like a little history trip, but without all of the detail.

And I realised that some of the other things that ANT + can count include weight, body mass...the list goes on.

I've decided it might be best to switch off that particular social stream. My bike will have to be blog-less.


Imaginography said...

A bike just wants to be heard :)

RFM said...

*notes down idea for science fiction story*

Ellie said...

Now, you're not being very good to bike. ;-)

rashbre said...

Imaginography : The original RSS stream read like quite an adventure.
RFM : Indeed. Reminds me of my once invented "Domestic Appliance Protocol". How reality catches up.
Ellie : The bike is still smiling at me. I think it has got a magazine deal.