Friday, 3 February 2012

in which I am offered a Lear Jet

unexpected mail shot Oh well, I suppose it makes a change from the mail-shots about moving money and treasure from various African states. Oh, and those pharma solutions which intriguingly have recently been Millibanded with all the 'a's turned into 'o's.

Yep, today's mail shot was offering me a share of a Lear Jet. The all new carbon-composite Type 85 actually.

I'm not sure though. If the plane is based in America it may prove a trifle inconvenient for flights around Europe. I've had a look at the convenient flight planning ready reckoner and will admit I'm now slightly confused about the differences between Super-Light and Midsize, when the Super-Light seems to have a higher capacity. Maybe its the quality of the upholstery and the improved selection of beverages?

I expect I'm getting all this new attention since the recent spike in the traffic through rashbre central. Admittedly it was my wild speculation about some new technology a few days ago, but the daily stats jumped to 4,500 hits in a single day for just one item. Maybe I could use some new transportation to stay connected.

Or maybe I'll just stay with my carbon-composite bicycle for a bit longer.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

To have ome's own Lear Jet...Wouldn't that be something?

Nikki-ann said...

If I owned one (not that I could ever afford to), it wouldn't the the light of day... I'm scared of flying!

Imaginography said...

How careless of them to assume it should be based in America? I question their marketing strategy :)

Ellie said...

The bike has been good to you.

rashbre said...

Naomi: I'd be worrying about getting it serviced. Its bad enough remembering with the car.
Nikki-an: You could always lend it to friends?
Imaginography: Maybe they were using my American address?
Ellie: So true.