Tuesday, 7 February 2012

i smoke my friends down to the filter

anders petersen cafe lehmitz 1969 Sometimes you have to pick a corner so when the bar fills you can still spot the friendly faces. The smile that might not be complete recognition but you know its the right person. The one that tells you the dreams are still alive and they don't all belong to someone else.

So yesterday, we'd picked to meet in a barroom I'd never visited and I arrived so early that the barman was kneeling, lighting log fires in the hearths.

I'd already checked my overcoat pockets for burned out ferris wheel lights or other tell-tale signs of recent misdemeanours. My hands came out clean and ready to wave in the candle-light.

We were both forward lookers so after only a glance or two over our shoulders we moved it right along - fun going forward. Of course there were secrets but none that the wine won't protect or another day can't provide for a slow reveal.

Picture : Anders Petersen - Cafe Lehmitz - 1960


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It is so odd to see people smoking in a public place---Bar/Resraurant...As you may recall, there is no smoking in Bar/Restaurants here in Los Angeles....! There used to be, of course, but that was a long time ago now...!

rashbre said...

Naomi: Yes -The evocative picture is from Berlin in 1960.