Sunday, 12 February 2012

humorous carnage in tyneside

We didn't need much of an excuse to visit the famous old Tyneside Cinema in the early part of an evening. Its down a side alley and holds its secrets to unfold as you walk into the small foyer but then discover the delights beyond.

Tyneside Cinema Originally built in an art deco style by Dixon Scott, a true movie enthusiast, there's also an area dedicated to showing the evolution of the movies. And Dixon's nephews include both Ridley and Tony Scott so there's quite a lineage.

We were going to see the comedy of manners called 'Carnage', from Yasmina Reza's play 'God of Carnage' which has also been on in the West End.

It's a tightly wound piece, which Polanski pretty much 'filmed in a box'. When it starts you think two of the four main players are about to leave the apartment they are visiting. An hour and a half later you've seen them explore ever more spirited arguments, blended with middle class manners and sensibilities which are then progressively pared back.

There's not a dull moment, in this 'play on the big screen' and aside from the many humorous parts I also found it kind of exhausting baed upon the attitudes of the sparring families. The underpinning argument was about a playground tiff that ended in a blow and loose teeth. The adults did it with somehow more finesse, but similar outcomes.


Imaginography said...

I've heard mixed things about this film so it's nice to hear your view too. Enjoy your stay 'Up North'.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I think it was a better play than a film---AND, a better cast play, too....! I found it rather relentless, as you know, and it got very tiresome for me. PLUS, I never believed either couple was married to each other.....
That's what makes horse racing, as they say...!

rashbre said...

Imaginography I've not paid attention to any reviews, but I was chatting about it with a friend a few days ago. We both knew the play and she had already seen the movie.

Naomi I've spotted your review too and realise that you think the casting was off. I agree it was relentless (exhausting) but that was part of its effect for me. As for the couples - you are probably right about believability, but I saw it more about the tensions between four individuals. As you say - horses for courses and similar! :-)