Wednesday, 8 February 2012

furnished with blue lights, baby

CBW mono grunge
I've still got to clear half an apartment's worth of 'why?' to make some building space.

There's less than four weeks until more things arrive and there needs to be somewhere intermediate.

Old stuff out. New stuff in.

Then more old stuff out.

And that's just the holding space.

It's a good theory.

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Carla said...

It is amazing the amount of things that a person can store for years. You would not believe the many old objects I have in my attic. It is the way we human beings are. That is why some years ago my mom thought of a theory that consisted on throwing one old object every day. Then , she dais that everywhere she went, shw would rent a place to stay that already had all the furniture needed to live. Last year, she moved in to Argentina and got furnished apartments in buenos aires. She was thrilled about her new life, and she said that that kind of life was much simpler!