Monday, 23 January 2012


shred Whilst on my little business trip on Friday I idly wondered if I'd spot a Staples store so that I could buy a new shredder. It's not the most exciting of purchases, but the playful little one I've been using only takes about five sheets at a time. It also makes a snarly noise if the sheets are not placed in exactly perpendicular orientation. It's party trick is to produce A4 sheets with sort of comb section after they have jammed and had to be reversed out.

I'm sure its telling me to be ecologically sound, and I do try to avoid printing, but sometimes there's no choice. The small machine's quirkiness means there has been a significant quantity of paper to be disposed of, which either means carrying it to the confidential waste bins in a main office or shredding tiny quantitates at a time.

So I was just pulling away from the car park after the meetings, when I saw the spire of a nearby Staples store. Right on my route.

I entered the store with its disorienting 4 metre high shelving stacked with office cleaning products and ballpoint pens. Then I noticed a spot-lit pile of boxes. I thought I could hear a choir singing. That spotlight was there just for me. It was highlighting an immense pile of industrial looking shredders just inside the store entrance.

Manager's specials.

Now I'm not quite that easily led, but when I'd googled 'shredders' a few days earlier the one I'd picked was a larger version of the one on offer.

Except this smaller one had a much lower price and only a slightly lower capacity.

In my shock at the simplicity of this retail experience, I looked around the store and also found the exact model I'd previously spotted on the internet. It was huge. I could park a car in it*. It was one of those times I knew I'd made the right decision to go look at them rather then hit 'buy' on the internet.

So I bought the smaller one. My old shredder took around 5 sheets. The new one takes 60 at a time. My entire pile of confidential waste has already gone.

But I do have rather a lot of confetti.

*okay, a toy car


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I good Shredder is woryh it's weight in gold!!! Glad you got a good one!

Pat said...

My A4s I double over and then have two ciean sides to practice words for scrabble.

Lady Banana said...

Know anyone who needs hamster bedding! lol

rashbre said...

Naomi : Yes its surprising how much of a difference its made and how quickly I have been able to tidy away the paper.
Pat I would need to play a huge amount of scrabble to get through the paper.
Lady Banana I suppose the hamster could be a guinea pig to try it out, but not a mole reading the confidential waste.

Ruby said...

I know this is a bit late, but good thing you found a good shredder to replace your old one. I encountered the same problem with my shredder before, and I was advised to oil the blades to stop the noise during operation. Anyway, I hope your shredder is still in good shape. :)

Ruby Badcoe