Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sherlock Holmes angles and falls

The recent Sherlock Holmes TV series has a following similar to Doctor Who, with plenty of people offering theories about the "demise" of Sherlock at the end of the last episode. There's even people plotting the scene onto google maps to check the various angles.

Watson's view
My own theory is fairly simple.

Sherlock jumped but some of the Baker Street Irregulars (his street-dwelling helpers) had pulled sheets from the conveniently parked laundry truck to cushion his fall. He'd arranged for Watson to not be able to see ground level (check the google street view and you'll see what I mean). Watson's view Then some hasty rearrangement of the ground scene and he was ready to be seen by a woozy Watson. A bit of help with ambulances and documentation from Molly the friendly medical associate and he's been made to disappear.

There, the above sound suitably definite...or were there two falls (as in Reichenbach Falls - i.e. a play on the original?)

Not so sure about Moriarty, who is presumably still around as well> It would explain the rooftop Point of View shot of Holmes, although it does also emphasise his 90 degree rotation on the ground.
How such a POV?

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buddy2blogger said...

I am yet to see the second season of Sherlock. Your post has further increased my expectations :)