Wednesday, 25 January 2012


My voicemail mysteriously went wrong today. I didn't notice it initially because the visual voicemail was still working but just not adding any new messages. Then, whilst sitting on a train, I received a text from the service provider telling me that my pin number had been reset.

It's a sign of the times now that instead of automatically believing the message, I was initially wondering if it was the SMS equivalent of those fishy emails that turn up. The ones telling us about new bank accounts that have been opened in our name or 'please reset password'.

Invariably they are some kind of hoax message and fortunately most of them get filtered away.

It turned out that this text message was genuine and I needed to phone the 'Customer Care' to get things fixed.

"Did I mind losing all my voicemails as part of the reset process?"

I agreed, on the basis that I really needed it working again. They gave me a special set of codes to write down and then type into my phone and then another number to call to restart my voicemail.

I followed the instructions and am now back in business.

A casual chat to someone about it later revealed that when they had called me earlier they had accidentally pressed the speed dial on their phone for another number.


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