Thursday, 5 January 2012

jelly baby violence averted

jelly-babiesOut in the traffic jams around London.

My sat-nav had told me to go North around the M25, and I dutifully followed its instructions. I was in good time for my meeting and even found a new car park that was highly convenient.

As I opened the car door, everything blew around inside like in a comedy sketch. The full force of the wind was making itself felt having been blowing hard through the whole 100 mile journey. Still, I was only a short walk to the office, admittedly via a shop where I could buy the meeting attendees some New Year Jellybabies.

Successful meetings and then the journey back. My sat-nav still telling me to stay away from the M25's Dartford Crossing where the bridge had been closed. That ruled out clockwise on the M25.

Unfortunately, as I and my returning passenger discovered, the anti-clockwise direction was also closed part way around because of an accident. Both directions blocked.

We'd left the Jellybabies in the meeting room, so we couldn't bite off any heads.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOVE all those colors of the Jellybabies--if indeed, those are the Jellybabies...!

Ellie said...

Did you sing show tunes to wile away the time?

rashbre said...

Naomi : Yes - they are the real thing. Proper Basset's Jellybabies.
Ellie : I seem to have lost my original replies to these comments - we didn't manage to sing any show tunes but were rather more chatting and taking phone calls.