Friday, 6 January 2012


A quick stocktake on the various trials and tribulations associated with my Resolutions for 2012.

The various 'no wine/change food' type plans are going along okay at the moment (I didn't even eat any of the jelly babies!), although with only such a short amount of time it will be interesting to see how that runs into weekends and similar.

The linking with friends is going okay, although I'm now at risk of having a backlog of people to meet. There's been some good contacts with people I haven't seen for ages included in the mix though.

The bicycle riding hasn't really got started properly. The meter on the bike shows just 16 miles since I wrote the plan last Sunday. But I suppose technically it's still less than a week. But a long way from 40 miles.

As for the novel...I have restarted the writing of Volume 2. I need to work out some plot points next.

And for work...At the moment I've just restarted but not really steering it yet.

Still. It all feels suitably "directionally correct" with the various plans - it is fun going forward.


Imaginography said...

Yeah, I agree. It is fun going forward, even if it is uphill at times :) Good luck with those resolutions. I made absolutely none this year and I must admit your efforts are making me feel like I should have! :)

rashbre said...

bk I suspect I've made too many. As usual I'm just experimenting with the ideas this year, so we will see where it goes.

As for when to make resolutions, I don't think there's any law they have to start on 1/1. ;-)

Imaginography said...

Quite right - that's what I tell everyone else. I can change my life any day I want to :)

Pat said...

I recently had a month wineless - not for any particular reason apart from wanting to keep my weight under 9 stone.
Instead of my daily glass am now choosing to drink only on high days and holidays.

rashbre said...

Pat : I'll have wine for a social occasion, just not drink it at home for a while. Beer too.