Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thursday Thirteen V49 - Orange Multipass Edition

Lee Loo with Multipass
Here I go again...

1) Readership spike I just noticed that last week's Thursday Thirteen caused an interesting spike in my readership, so I thought I'd have another bash this week. Please comment if you pass by!

2) Not A Simple List : I'm not so sure about doing a simple list, such as top 13 desert highway songs or my top 13 favourite yellow items, so I tend to do something more rambling and maybe reverse engineer a theme when I'm finished, like 'orange hair'.

3) Through the Net :  Its also a great opportunity to write up a few items that slipped through the lazy cracks during the week.

lola rennt 4) Orange hair and repeating time. One item that I didn't manage to blog was my thoughts after seeing Source Code the movie. It was about a repeating situation like Groundhog Day. like Groundhog Day. How can I put it? I thought it was okay rather than excellent, despite all the plaudits. I preferred the humour of Groundhog Day (which I would still watch again) and the originality and editing of something like Sliding Doors. I also happened to re-watch Run, Lola, Run which also ticks the orange hair box nicely.

5) Snowmen: I've seen two early signs of Christmas already. First was the guy pricing Snowman carrier bags in the local shop. Second was the mailshot I received today. I notice the television is already talking about Autumn.

6) That leaf smell: I was also in the car park a couple of days ago and the wind was blowing from the park. I got that damp orange leaf smell which I usually associate with November. Its supposed to be Summer.

7) Unexpected Kindle effect : Another fine blogger also wrote recently about the effect of reading with a Kindle and also using it as a newspaper. I must admit I do the same to the extent it changes my 'entry to supermarket' manoeuvre now as I completely bypass the bright orange news racks.

Fuji test 8) Street Photography : To do or not to do? That is the question. I'm experimenting at the moment, and trying to find the ways to capture moments to make interesting pictures without crossing any lines. We all take plenty of street pictures in any case, usually with inadvertent 'civilians' incorporated. (n.b. I know that the pictures would conventionally be black and white, but this is the TT orange hair special)

9) Big world stuff : London appeared to reset very quickly after the unrest. The chain from corrupt MPs, amoral bankers through to looters still demands further repair. But the global scale confounds as the politicians get diverted to Libya and oil.

10) Anonymity : Some time ago I switched back to pure 'blogger' for rashbre central. I'd been using a different comment system and it was then ditched and the replacement was also 'stabilised' (which in this case meant it progressively stopped working). I can only now remember the main reason for moving away from Blogger comments was the amount of anonymous spam. I hate to switch on the 'no anonymous' filter and make everyone log on, but it seems to be needed as idiotic people keep putting irrelevant comments about iPhones, DSL services, blue pills and similar onto the comments.

11) Accidental blackcurrants : I noticed an extra small tree has grown around the side of the house. There are blackcurrants on it. I'm wondering how it got there. My old definition of a weed was a plant that was in the wrong place. Is this therefore a weed?

12) Little piece of Arizona : The tiny cactus in an orange pot brought back from Arizona is doing fine on the kitchen windowsill. It even has a small sign saying 'Arizona'. Do you think it misses the scorpions?
13) Fifteen minutes: It always take me longer to do a structured post like this one. Fifteen minutes to get to here, without adding any pictures. My usual blog post limit is ten minutes. Now back to work on the novel.

14) Bonus for Multipass Users: I wonder sometimes about the jumble of stuff in my head that tips out when I do something like this? Am I the only one?

15) Orange Haircut Multipass Edition : See, I said I'd think of a way to reverse engineer a theme. Don't forget to strike the pose.

leeloodallas multipass


The Gal Herself said...

Enjoy #11! Think of it as a lovely accident, not a weed. Very imaginative list!

Joe Klein said...

That was very entertaining! You are an asset to the list of 13 Thursday bloggers and I hope you keep it up. I like it too becasue I can throw together some blog leftovers and let my mind spill in that stream of consciousness list talk way, almost like poetry. I've been doing it almost from the start, more than 200 TT's. http://looseleafnotes,com

colleen said...

Not Joe Klein. That's what happens when my husband checks his gmail on my computer. Colleen

rashbre said...

The Gal Herself : perhaps I should pretend it was deliberate?
Colleen : Thanks - I also note your consistently good 'streams of consciousness' TTs.

Ellie said...

I like the Thursday 13!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I was going to tell you to go to Colleen---A L-O-N-G time Blogger and Reader, who has been doing the T13 for years...And hers are always so rich and varied---I think you would enjoy them tremendously---And, HERE SHE IS, Commenting!!! HOORAY!

I enjoyed your T13 very very much, my dear...., Ad, I hope you keep it up, even if it takes 15!