Thursday, 4 August 2011

sittin in the hills

Yes, we realised it was time to check out from L.A. but not until we'd done one more thing. We'd already spent time on Hollywood Boulevard, seen the sign, wandered along Sunset Strip. Been up to the big houses in Beverley Hills. Seen a movie in Graumann's Chinese Theatre. Been backstage at the Kodak. Visited the fancy schmancy restaurants frequented by the stars, seen Famous People Driving Around In Fancy Cars. But there was one more big attraction of the area that we hadn't yet done.

I know you'll guess...

Yes - Sittin' in the Hills - with Naomi.

And for that story there's

'More to come...'

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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL....very cute! Very Well Done....I am not too happy with my pictures, by the way...Mostly because they do not seem really "sharp"....Except for the ones that your dear wife took and the 'timer' ones...mine are just slightly not-quite-sharp....But, I will get around to emailing you some---I have been overwhelmed with taking care of some very important business things and also taking care of my aching back...!