Monday, 15 August 2011

shortage of short cuts in central London

In case yesterday's picture gives a false impression of the numbers of visitors to London, here's one around the central area which illustrates that there are still a good number of tourists around.

Most seem suitably relaxed and law -abiding, although not everyone recognises the "don't feed the pigeons" sign displayed in Trafalgar Square.
Of course, another feature of the square is the countdown clock for the Olympics. 347 days to go, so parts of this same central area of London are being adapted in readiness.
The most noticeable areas include the entirety of Leicester Square, which is currently under wraps behind black hoarding.

The streets leading into the square are also being torn up by mechanical diggers and the garden which featured the Charlie Chaplin statue has temporarily disappeared.
It's necessary to pick one's path carefully through some of this central area at the moment and some of the usual short cuts (such as the Charing Cross Road cut-through to Oxford Street) are non-functional.

There's plans on display, but I'm not sure who really knows what the renovated totality of the new area will look like by 2012.

It's similar picking through the political wording at the moment. Both major parties are making reform speeches, but filtering is needed to extract real initiatives from polemic, while everyone struggles to find short cuts to the answers.

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