Wednesday, 24 August 2011

every clunk has a silver jammer

keys Alongside various manual labour tasks, I've decided to take a couple of days to work on the plot line for 'The Square' which is the partially complete second novel of the Triangle trilogy.

Most of the main ingredients are there already, but I've neglected to work out an ending and I'm pretty sure that there's a few major chunks that will benefit from deletion. My gambling of the proceeds continues and I can say that I'm still significantly ahead.

I have a very short window for this writing before I get started on a new proper work project and can already feel the membrane of constrained time tightening around me.

Although often time constraint works well and favourably.

Like yesterday I was taking apart some of my fancy car to fix something minor but irritating and which would therefore avoid a trip to the dealer (save a 2-3 hour trip probably). I discovered (to my surprise but also slight suspicion) that the reason for the problem was the very well concealed tracker unit which was bumping into something else.

not what you're thinking Everything is now working properly, but it also got me thinking about tracker jammers.

Sure enough, a google later and I've located a $20 Chinese cigarette lighter version that can go straight into the novel's plot line.

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