Saturday, 16 July 2011

my new friends on twitter?

screenshot_04aI thought some more about the recent attentions from the attractive IT professionals following my new twitter account (not this one!)

I guess the people behind it have, say, 200-300 or 2000-3000 twitter accounts which each follow 300-400 people and have maybe 75-100 followers in return.

1) The pictures of the followers are mainly women. Many have suffered recent wardrobe malfunctions. No - I'm not showing those here. The ones in the pictures are some well intentioned fans of the novel, The Triangle.

2) In general these followers don't seem to be very chatty, offering an average of zero tweets.

3) Occasionally, a group of them will get very excited about a niche corporate news item and all mysteriously re-tweet it.

4) They appear to execute a "follow / unfollow / follow" behaviour if they don't get followed back. This means they stay at the top of peoples' follow list. So if someone else looks to see who has followed whom recently, there's an array of attractive ladies at the top of the list. Unsurprisingly, they get followed by people browsing the list.

5) A few of them (generally the less shy ones) are somewhat more 'demonstrative' of their city and hotel based hospitality offers.

6) Some of them seem to have different names but appear to be the same person.

7) Many of them have middle initials that reflect common keyboard partterns like "qwe" "cvf" "kjh".

8) Some of them seem to be ideal candidates to supplement those 'instant 1000 followers' lists that are advertised all over the internet.

I'm all for making new friends, but I think Claretha, Cheyenne, Tamie, Tabatha and -er- Frank may need to look elsewhere.

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