Tuesday, 11 August 2009

taking a break from the vacation

An early start today, but not because of vacation plans. I have an office meeting which has sneaked into my holiday.

I normally look at other people intent on blackberries, business cellular calls and laptops whilst on their holiday and think they should take the break and be 'in the moment' instead of chained to their commerce, so it's difficult when it happens to me.

Originally the meeting was booked at 07:30 my time, but now it has moved three hours later which makes it 10:30. I only found that out last night along with another message that it was important that I attended the call.

I will, of course, although it puts a dent into today's plans because I'll need to be somewhere suitable for a one hour call mid-morning.

Hopefully, the other people I see in these circumstances are similar to me and it is a 'one off' during their time away. Some how I suspect not.

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